Frequently Asked Questions

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

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How many items will be keep 1 give 1?

There will always be one keep 1 give 1 item.

How will you know the sizes for t-shirts and bracelets?

When you sign up to subscribe you will be asked several questions regarding your t-shirt size, wrist size and your preferred length of chain. In order to change sizing from month to month you will need to contact us. I know many of you are wanting to use certain items as gifts and will need different sizing.

Will there be a gift option?

Yes! You will have the option to give the box as a one time gift and include a gift message. Don’t forget that eventually we will be launching our Birthday Box!

Is shipping extra or included in the price of the box?

In order to keep the cost as low as possible, shipping is extra. Zach is our shipping guru and is always great about finding the best deal possible.

Will we be able to decide how many months we want to subscribe for?

Yes! You can sign up for an automatic monthly subscription and cancel at any time or prepay for a three month subscription. If you sign up monthly you will have the option to skip a month if you choose.

Will you include a small card in the box that explains the 414? I am thinking in the event I use this as a gift.

Yes! Each box will include an explanation of the name Parcel 414.